What is Feel Good?

Feel Good promotes mental health and well-being for kids by emphasizing the importance of feelings and behaviour. We strive to empower kids to utilize tools so they can be better equipped to handle negative emotions. The more practice they get at an earlier age dealing with negative emotions and developing a positive attitude, the better!

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This is my story

When I was 7, my mom and dad encouraged me to work hard to understand and deal with my feelings of sadness and anger. At Feel Good, our products come from my own work dealing with my negative feelings, and I have confidence in them because using these tools have made a positive difference in my life.  

My hope is to help other kids who might be struggling like I did by sharing my story, my experience, and the Feel Good products.  I want them to know they are not alone and there are people like me who care about them.  

Using different tools helps to create positive habits in life which contributes to happiness and emotional well-being.  I want kids to know that taking care of your mental health and emotional well being is just as important as brushing your teeth, eating healthy, or exercising.

In today’s world, shining a light on children’s mental health and well being is so important. So I want to help others by showing them that there are ways to combat negative feelings and to FEEL GOOD no matter what life brings you.


- Isabella Cortes, Founder of Feel Good