Our Story

Feel Good promotes positive mental health and wellness for kids. 

After seeing a psychologist for depression, Feel Good’s founder, Isabella Cortes, learned new ways to help her cope when she felt sad or mad. She took the activities, exercises, and tools she was given and created a toolkit that she carried around with her and used when she needed help. 

The toolkit had such a positive impact in Isabella’s life that she wanted to share it with others to help them feel good too.  That's how Feel Good was born. Isabella brought The Feel Good Toolkit to a kids business fair in Toronto in 2018, where she won an award for “The Most Promising Business”.

Feel Good has recently expanded through the addition of a Chief Operating Officer, Summer Rosales, and with a new product, the Feel Good Activity Book. The activity book shares exercises and activities that will help kids tackle negative emotions and foster positive attitudes.

So Far...

Isabella's toolkit was first shared in 2018 at a kids business fair, bata2Batapreneur, in Toronto, and it won acclaim and encouragement, grabbing her the “Most Promising Business” award.  The following year, she shared her product with local elementary schools, and then returned to the business fair with a newfound drive. Isabella, and her best friend, Summer, expanded  Feel Good to include an activity book for youth. They won 3 more awards - “Best Sales Pitch”, “Most Creative” and “Business of the Year”. 


The positive energy received by Isabella and Summer has demonstrated the potential and promise Feel Good can offer to all youth who struggle with identifying and coping with their emotions . The words of encouragement from supporters and the valuable guidance from mentors play a large part in helping their little idea continue to grow. The sales to date are being put towards improving the line of Feel Good products, and a percentage of the profits goes to the Centre for Brain & Mental Health at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. 


Meet Isabella

Isabella Cortes, Founder + CEO

Isabella Cortes is a mental health advocate, entrepreneur and 4th grade student. She has had a heart dedicated to helping others from a very young age.  But at the age of 7, she was finding it difficult to help herself with feelings of sadness and frustration.  She was referred to see a psychologist for depression where she began her journey of dealing with her negative feelings and understanding the work she needed to do to be mentally healthy and well.  After creating a toolkit to help herself feel better, she wanted to share it with others. 


When she’s not promoting positive mental health and wellness through her business Feel Good, you can find her dancing up a storm or singing a wide variety of songs from country ballads to rap songs.  She is convinced that she was a dolphin in a previous life given her love for the water and excellent swimming skills!

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Summer Rosales, COO

Summer Rosales is the brains behind the books, the artist behind the artwork, and a force of a 4th grader. She always finds the positive in every situation and if you spend a couple minutes talking with her, your glass will be half-full too. When her best friend, Isabella, invited her to join the Feel Good team, an entrepreneurial fire was ignited. Summer wanted to utilize her love for drawing and high sense of empathy to create a product that would complement the Toolkit. The Feel Good Activity Book embodies everything wonderful about Summer.....in book form.While drawing is her passion, Summer enjoys swimming, dancing, biking, jumping on her trampoline, and honing her Tae Kwon Do skills - especially since obtaining her Black Belt.