Feel Good Toolkit PLUS

Feel Good Toolkit PLUS

  • The Feel Good Toolkit PLUS is divided into 7 categories. Some of these include 'Get some exercise', 'Do something you enjoy', or 'Pull a happy memory'
  • Use the index cards to write down personal 'tools' that fit under each category. Place each card behind the category the best fits your tool
  • When you're feeling down, open up your Toolkit and pick out a tool or tools that you will use to help you feel better
  • You can also use your Toolkit every day by looking at your tools and picking out which ones you will use. Think of it as one of the daily things you do to keep yourself healthy, like brushing your teeth or eathing healthy. When you use the Toolkit as part of your daily routine, you are maintaining your mental health and emotional well-being
  • The Toolkit should evolve as you change and grow. Keep extra blank cards in your toolkit so you can add new tools. Grow your kit and fill it with tools that help you feel better when you're down and keep you happy. Remove cards if you find that the tool is not working for you anymore
  • Pair this with the Feel Good Activity booklet for fun things you can do using Feel Good tools


The Feel Good Toolkit PLUS has all the great features of the Toolkit with the added bonus of space to include trinkets and other items that help you feel good.  It also comes with fun pieces to decorate your kit or add some pizzazz to your tool cards.  



∙ Toolbox aka The Tookit 

∙ Key Feel Good category dividers

∙ Index cards (aka The Tools)

∙ Instructions

∙ Tool examples

∙ Parent Tip Sheet and Tool Tracker

∙ Markers, stamp, and stickers to decorate your kit